Hotels to Relax Mask Protocols for Vaccinated Guests

 Hotels to Relax Mask Protocols for Vaccinated Guests

In a positive move, The American Hotel & Lodging Association, a trade organization of 27,000 hotels, has uplifted mask restrictions for guests. It has also eased social distancing regulations. The only criterion is that they have to be fully vaccinated. However, there’ll be no compulsion to show vaccination-related documents.

On the other hand, ‘unvaccinated customers’ will have to follow the normal guidelines. This includes wearing masks and following social distancing norms. This decision will also encourage people to get jabbed!

This move came in the light of new guidelines issued by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. However, travelers should remember that all businesses still have to follow state and local guidelines. So, they are advised to contact their hotel with their respective queries.

As vaccination rates continue to rise, we expect more relaxation in the coming months. This is still too early to say anything. The safety guidelines will continue to be updated accordingly.

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