About - Conference

The Innofac Show promotes the exchange of knowledge, innovative practices of Facility Management practices across the globe – targeted at the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry. The knowledge sessions are curated topic by topic, presenter by presenter. In addition, as a virtual platform, it offers the flexibility that simply isn’t possible at other events.

Our Motto

Creating knowledge-sharing opportunities, strengthening skills development, raising awareness about sustainability, learning new techniques, re-energizing the innovative spirit within the industry, sharing insights in an engaging digital environment.

Our Focus

The two-day event is designed to offer an extensive selection of thought-provoking content. The focus will be adopting resilience, igniting a spark to re-imagine things and disrupt the norms. Most importantly, we are working hard to make the virtual conference enlightening, interactive and sociable.

The Participants

The virtual knowledge sessions will bring together the world’s top Thought Leaders, Experts, Speakers, Leaders and Innovators. We’re also proud to be a uniting force for the Hospitality & Entertainment industry.

The Team

We are a Premier Exhibition Company that utilizes cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the world. Our team has envisioned a platform that empowers the disruptors, original thinkers and leaders in an intelligently connected environment.

Taking Advantage of The Virtual Technology

Change is indefinite and the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry needs a smart solution for networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and doing business. Hence, “The Innofac Show” is poised to take center stage as a Game-Changer in the industry.