Create a New Exciting Future for Your Hotel by Attending a Virtual Expo

 Create a New Exciting Future for Your Hotel by Attending a Virtual Expo

Virtual Expo are an important component helping hotels bounce back to a new and bright future.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several unprecedented challenges for the hotel industry.

It is a community we will help each other identifying the solutions that will bring us forward one step at a time.

Discover how a virtual expo will help create a new exciting future for your hotel.

Reinvent your hotel through visual learning

The goal of a visual expo is to make a strong impact by communicating key concepts and engage the attendees with content that focuses on resolving relevant pain points.

A virtual expo helps remove the barriers to attending the event. And it also comes with some flexibility for attendees.

Virtual expos help hotels with narrowing the knowledge gap. This is a unique opportunity to meet people who are hugely influential in their respective domains because of their experience and professional standing – researchers, innovators, industry veterans, mentors, thought leaders, etc.

Disruptive innovations fuel the Employee Experience

The Innofac Show has built an event that will help hotels reimagine the employee and customer experience.

With a unique focus on disruption and value innovations that capture new and uncontested markets.

We must focus on a cultural shift that will help the hotel industry bounce back to a new and bright future.

The Innofac Show will help hotels create a global platform that facilitates exchange between groups or individuals in a bid to harness and create large, scalable solutions.

The event will showcase relevant disruptive innovations that add new unique values. It is a central theme to look at solutions that help your hotel with relevant real-time pain points.

Understanding disruptive innovations that fuels the employee experience will be crucial to gain new traction with the customer experience.

Collaboration is the secret juice for hotels that want to tap into new uncontested markets

The data we get from learning and experiences adds great value to the overall day-to-day hotel operation.

But collaborating with employees and customers to better understand their individual needs adds an extra element to value innovations that will make your hotel stand out.

In a rapidly changing world, collaboration is essential for competitiveness & long-term survival. It can grow your hotel in BIG ways and unlock possibilities that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Digitalization of the Hotel Industry

Digitalization is no longer a trend it has become the norm for the hotel industry.

Learn, Experience, and Collaborate are all central themes within digitalization.

Hotels today are required to use digital tools to understand new uncontested markets of employees and customers.

Reading and studying reviews ‘today’ we discovered that there is a disconnect between learning, experience, and collaboration.

Disruptive Innovations are NOT breakthrough technologies that make good products better; rather they are innovations that make products and services more accessible and affordable, thereby making them available to employees and a larger group of customers.

Digitalization starts with fueling the employee experience. Introduce tools that allow them to learn new skills and how to collaborate with customers.

As a digital marketing coach, I help hotels create unique and unexpected experiences by freeing up resources to focus on new ideas through value innovation and a growth mindset.

Through value innovation and a growth mindset, my mission is to change the hotel culture and allow employees to focus on more complex tasks that will make them more effective and productive.

If you want to learn more join me at The Innofac Show!

I am part of this virtual expo for learning, experience, and collaboration myself.

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